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When it comes to financing senior care, older adults are often unaware of the many financial options available to help manage costs. One benefit often overlooked is specifically created for veterans and their surviving spouses. Known as the Pension with Aid and Attendance Benefit, this financial assistance program can significantly ease the burden of senior care costs for those who qualify. By exploring such options, older adults and their families can find effective solutions to support their care needs.

What is the VA Aid and Attendance Benefit?

This program, run by the Department of Veterans Affairs, gives financial help to veterans for long-term care costs. It aims to make certain veterans who served our country get the necessary care. Aid and Attendance assistance is open only to veterans and their surviving spouses who meet the set criteria. Generally, the veteran must have completed at least 90 days of active service, which includes at least one day during a recognized wartime period. Since Aid & Attendance depends on income, medical expenses, and assets, if you fulfill the military service condition, qualification isn’t a simple yes or no — it’s about whether and when you qualify. Find out more about applying for this support below.

How much does the VA pay for Aid and Attendance?


The 2024 Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit rates are:

  • A Veteran may qualify for as much as $2,300 per month

  • A Married Veteran may qualify for as much as $2,727 per month

  • Surviving Spouses may qualify for as much as $1,478 per month

  • A Well Veteran with Ill Spouse may qualify for up to $1,806 per month

These amounts have historically increased by the same cost of living adjustments as social security.

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